Saturday, November 14, 2009

the edot

i have a confession. i miss edmonton. when i left 6.5 months ago i was more than ready for a change. i forgot what i loved about the place. i moved to calgary and was hypnotized by the view of the mountains. the short ride to waterton sucked me in every other weekend. unlike capitol ex/klondike days, the stampede was actually fun. i loved being able to go downtown at night and not be scared. the more i get to know calgary i realize i really love edmonton. the 2 cities couldn't be more different. calgary is a brand new car. it is is shiny and new. look at how beautiful i am! where as edmonton is like the gibb's old blue topaz gord and bro. gibb spray painted. or like the onmi dave olsen drove before our missions. all the door handles broke off so dave would have to go in through the trunk to let us in. i guess i am saying edmonton is not that polished and neither am i.


  1. yes nima, edmonton is where you need to be. I will be expecting you shortly.

  2. I loved that car. And I love even more that NONE of us were embarrassed to ride in it. We didn't even think about it.
    Perhaps we would have if we were in Calgary?

    I am surprised you make no mention of the Calgary Flames in this post.